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Online Ordering

What additional information is online?

In addition to being able to order a wide variety of products and services online, you can find Electrical and Lighting Information, Important Dates and Deadlines, download Show Forms, download a Booth Layout Form​ and read Regulations and Guidelines.

How do I create an account?

You have to create an account in order to place an online order. The good news is that you only need to set up your account once at the login screen. ​ After you've created an account you will then be able to select the show and then place your order.

Can I start an order now and finish it later?

Yes. Provided you are logged into the show, your progress and activity will be automatically recorded on our server. When you return you will start exactly where you left off.

Will I get an order confirmation?

Yes. You will receive an on screen confirmation and an email confirmation will be sent to the email in your profile. We suggest you print this email and keep a hard copy in your show files for future reference. If you are not sure if you have placed an order for a specific show, you can click the "Order History" tab once you log in.

Is the website secure for online ordering?

Absolutely! We take your privacy very seriously. ​ If you look at the link to our site you'll see that it begins with "HTTPS". This means that you are connected directly to our server through a secure connection. Your browser may also display a "lock" icon across the bottom of your screen. This icon only appears if you have a secure connection. ​ We also maintain Security Certificates on our transaction sites to let you verify that you are connecting to SHOWTECH through a secure connection.

Can I pay online with a cheque?

Unfortunately, we can only take credit card payments for online orders. You can place an order using cheques or other methods of payments by contacting SHOWTECH at (855) 746-9832. Cheques will only be accepted if received by the discount price deadline date.

If I place my order online may I go back and change it?

Once you've confirmed your order with this site, any changes to your order must be made by calling SHOWTECH at 905-283-0550 or 1-855-746-9832 or emailing Please reference the event name, dates, and confirmation number of online order.

General Information

What type of currency is on the order forms?

Monies stated on all SHOWTECH forms and quotations are in Canadian dollars, unless noted otherwise.

Which web browsers are the best to view this site?

What taxes am I required to pay?

The prevailing Sales Tax, in the province you are exhibiting in, applies to all orders for shows/event held in Canada (no out of country exemptions).

When will my credit card be charged?

Credit cards will be charged when SHOWTECH processes your order.

Why do you have a Discount Price Deadline Date?

We need your requirements as soon as possible. The deadline date allows us to plan the installation process. The time prior to your show move-in is devoted to determining what type of equipment and material is required, schedule labour effectively and prepare floor layouts. Orders can still be processed after the deadline date but will be charged at a higher rate. To save money and help us prepare for a smooth move-in, place your order prior to the deadline date.

Is the rental price a per day charge?

No, our pricing is for the duration of the show.

Is the cost of labour covered in my quotation?

Yes, our prices include the labour required to install, maintain and remove electrical, sign/banner hanging and plumbing services. Should you require a manlift and rigging services they are quoted on a time and material basis or by the specific project.

Need help?

Call 1-905-283-0550 or 1-855-746-9832 M-F from 8:30am to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time or email

Electrical Services

How do I know which outlet to order on your order form?

To calculate the total power consumption your equipment will require, simply add together the wattage of each piece. There is a nameplate showing the power consumption on the bottom or back of the equipment. The total wattage will indicate which outlet to order.

Example: 10 – 100 watt light bulbs total: 1000 watts. You would order 1-1500 watt outlet.

How do I know how much power my equipment requires?

Standard 120 volt

Most equipment that plugs into a standard outlet found in your home or office in North America will require 120 volt current.

This includes lights, most office equipment, cooking appliances. The only difference between these products is that some will be rated in wattage and some will be rated in amperage. To calculate how much power you require, as explained above ("How do I know which outlet to order on your order form?") simply add the wattage or amperage together.

You can determine the rating by looking for the nameplate on the bottom or back of the equipment. It will tell you the wattage or amperage and voltage. Many times the nameplate will appear as follows:

120V 120 Volt

Your equipment requires 1 - 1500 watt, 120 volt outlet.

Your equipment requires 1 - 15 amp, 120 volt outlet.

60 Hz 60 Cycle

1500W 1500 Watts

Click here​ for a list of basic 120 volt equipment brought to show site and their approximate power usage. 

Industrial Connections

Heavy machinery and industrial cooking devices normally require higher voltage and amperage. They are usually rated at 208 volt; other typical voltages are 220/230/480 and 600 volts. Please contact our office if your equipment requires 220 volts or higher.

You can determine your electrical requirements by looking on the bottom or back of your equipment. It will tell you the amperage or kilowatt, volt and number of phases. Many times the nameplate will appear as follows:

208V 208 Volt Your equipment requires a 30 amp, 208 volt, 3 phase connection.

30A 30 Amp

3PH 3 Phase

230V 230 Volt Your equipment requires a 20 amp, 230 volt, single phase connection.

20A 20 Amp

1PH Single Phase

208V 208 Volt Your equipment requires a 60 amp, 208 volt, 3 phase connection.

20 KW 20 Kilowatt

3PH 3 Phase

Normal building voltage is 208 volt. ​ Please contact our office if your equipment requires 220 volts or more.

May I have a SHOWTECH electrician plug in my 120 volt equipment if I choose?

Yes, you do not have to do this work yourself – it is your option. If you choose to have us do the work, please see our representative at our Service Desk to make arrangements.

What is a duplex outlet?

SHOWTECH’S 1500 watt 120 volt duplex outlet has two places to plug in your equipment. Example: If you have 1 piece of equipment that requires 1500 watts of power to operate, you need to order a 1500 watt outlet. You can only utilize one of the plugs since the equipment requires the full 1500 watts of power to operate. It is important that you do not exceed the maximum wattage. Overloading the circuit could prove to be hazardous to you and your neighbours.

Do I need to order 24-hour power?

If you need to have continuous power 24 hours a day for the entire length of the show, you need to order 24-hour power from SHOWTECH. Examples include power for refrigeration equipment, aquariums, aviaries, computers, injection molding equipment, etc. Normal show power operating hours are generally 8:00 am to 4:30 pm during move-in and “show hours” during show days.

Can my neighbour and I share the same outlet?

Sharing power from an adjoining booth is not permitted. Using your neighbour’s outlet may cause an overload in the circuit. Overloaded circuits are a safety hazard. You should order the appropriate power for your own exhibit.

Can I use wall, column or permanent building receptacles?

These receptacles are not to be used, regardless of their location in relation to your booth. These receptacles have not been properly energized and could be a safety hazard. Please contact SHOWTECH if there is a receptacle in your exhibitor area, you wish to use.

Is power supplied with my booth?

This is decided by the Show Organizer. If power is supplied by the Show Organizer, the Exhibitors Manual will indicate this. Usually power is not included in the booth rental and exhibitors need to order power directly from SHOWTECH.

How many things can I plug into a 1500 watt 120 volt duplex outlet?

You may connect multiple items to a 120 volt duplex outlet providing the wattage does not exceed 1500 watts (12 amps). You may use a 3-wire grounded power bar, approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (i.e. CSA).

What does under carpet / special placement or overhead power placement mean?

Power is normally installed at the back of the booth. If power is required in another location, there is a fee for placement.

Under carpet / special placement:

With this option, we will position the power cords beneath the carpet, aligning them with the locations you’ve indicated on your booth layout form or floor plan. This method works best in facilities equipped with floor ports.


The power source is suspended from above and directed to the specific location you’ve identified on your booth layout form or floor plan.

*You will need to provide SHOWTECH with a booth layout. Click here​ for Booth Layout Form.

What hours are my electrical services turned on?

Power is generally available between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm during move-in. During normal show hours, power is turned on one hour before each day’s show opening and turned off one hour after show closing. Exceptions include: the night before the show opens, electrical services remain on until the electricians have completed all installations. If you have ordered 24-hour power, it begins the evening before the first show day and is turned off on the last day at the close of the show.

Will the power outlet installed by SHOWTECH be “hot/live” when it is installed in my booth?

Yes, the power outlet once installed will be energized or live during move-in hours and normal show operating hours.

Where is my power located?

Normally power outlets are installed at the back of the booth.

Do I need to check in at the SHOWTECH Service Desk to say I am ready for the power I ordered?

If you placed your full order on or before the deadline date for a duplex outlet your request will be completed in a timely fashion. If you require a “hardwire power connection” or cannot locate your power please go to our Service Desk for assistance.

What if I need power at another location besides the rear of my booth?

Order under carpet or overhead outlets required for each location and supply SHOWTECH with a floor plan of your outlet locations. Make sure to specify where the back of your booth is and mark the exact location of each outlet.

Where is my power placed if I have an island booth?

Your power is placed in one main location in your booth. It is distributed to other locations from that main point.

For facilities with floor ports, your power will be placed in one location at our discretion.

*You will need to provide SHOWTECH with a booth layout. Click here​ for Booth Layout Form.

May I wire or connect my own equipment on-site?

All hardwire power connections and on-site cable installations must be done by SHOWTECH to ensure all electrical codes and building rules are followed. This is for the protection of the exhibitors, attendees, facility staff and employees of all contractors.

Can I pre-arrange to have an electrician in my booth?

Yes, check in at the SHOWTECH Service Desk to say you are ready for your electrical service, the SHOWTECH Representative will send an electrician to your booth. You can pre-arrange to have your electrical service “roughed in” by submitting the following with your order:

List your move-in target dates and time

List your carpet installation date, if available

Provide exact location of where the electrical service is to be installed – please include a drawing or booth layout form.

Lighting Services

Do I need lighting in my booth?

Lighting can noticeably enhance the look of your booth. Used effectively, lighting can emphasize products or highlight specialized areas, drawing customers into your exhibit area.

Our Customer Service Representatives would be pleased to help you select the most effective method of lighting your exhibit.

Click here​ to see lighting options.

What type of lights do you carry?

We have a wide selection of lighting options available. The following is a list of our most popular lighting options. Please contact out office for more information. Power to operate our rental lighting is included in the price.

Ceiling Mounted Light Fixtures


  • quickly becoming one of our most popular lighting options, requires less power - which is good for the environment - but has the equivalent light output as a 1000 watt quartz floodlight
  • mounted on the building ceiling beams or truss (mounting height 18’ – 34’), this light fixture is a superior product that delivers a smooth even field of light; adjustable angle shutters can shape the beam of light
  • covers approximately a 10’ by 15’ area
  • Green Product – uses 40% less power, while providing equivalent light output to our 1000 watt quartz light. This light will replace the 1000 watt quartz floodlight.
Hard Wall, Fascia - Mounted Fixtures


  • equivalent light output to a 450 quartz floodlight
  • ideal for fascia lighting, this adjustable fixture is excellent for accenting products
  • pure white light, excellent way to accent any product
  • must attached to a hard wall or fascia
  • Green Product - This fixture consumes 80% less power and is cooler than traditional lighting


  • equivalent light output to our 200 watt quartz arm light
  • pure white light, ideal for highlighting clothing, jewelry, art and graphics
  • must attach to a hard wall
  • Green Product - This fixture consumes 80% less power and is cooler than traditional lighting
Floor Lighting


  • equivalent light output to 400 watt halogen bulb
  • lamps are mounted on a sturdy cross bar with a 140° in tilt
  • for optimum lighting, fixture is placed in front corner of booth
  • pure white light, clean lines excellent way to highlight a focal point in your booth
  • covers approximately a 8’ by 8’ area
  • Green Product - this product is energy efficient and delivers impact in a small space

Call your SHOWTECH representative to find out which type of lighting best suits your application.

Click here​ to see lighting options.

When I order SHOWTECH lighting do I need to order power for the lights?

No, included in the cost of renting lights through SHOWTECH is the power to energize our lights. If you will have an item (i.e. laptop, cell phone charger, etc.) in your booth that requires power, you will have to order that outlet separately.

Mechanical Services

How many gallons a minute can I get from a ½” water line?

Approximately 5 gallons per minute.

Do you need a floor plan layout?

Yes – A floor plan is very important. It instructs us on where the services need to be placed. Please make sure to include your booth orientation, main drop location (for island booths) and the exact location of each mechanical connection. Click here​ for Booth Layout Form.

What is the water temperature?

Incoming domestic water temperature varies. All water is cold. If you need hot water, you may bring your own hot water heater or you may rent one from us.

Can you supply a larger water service than 1/2 inch?

Yes, with advance notice SHOWTECH can provide service larger than 1/2 inch. There are additional labour charges if this service is needed.

Do I need more than 1 water line, if I have multiple connections?

No. Determine the total number of gallons you will need. Order the appropriate water connection, then indicate the number of additional (split service) water connections you will require. Indicate the size of each connection.

Can I drain the water myself?

No, a SHOWTECH technician will drain your equipment. Please refer to our order form for a list of costs. If you require further assistance, please call the site office number on the order form.

What is the water pressure?

Water pressure is on average 50 pounds per square inch.

Is the compressed air moisture free?

Yes, each compressor comes with an air dryer.

What can I do if my machine's hoses will not take your utility pressures?

All our hoses are rated at 125 psi (pounds per square inch) bursting pressure and your equipment must be at this pressure rating. If pressure is too high, a pressure reducing valve should be installed on your equipment.

Do you supply Natural Gas?

On a very limited basis, it is not available in most facilities. Please contact us to determine availability.

What is PSI?

PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch. It is the amount of water or air pressure in the connection.

How many BTU's can I get from a 1” gas line?

Pipe is sized depending on the distance from main service + the BTU’s required. Average is 750,000 BTU per hour.

Where do you get the water?

Some facilities have waterlines in a floorport system. Other facilities source the water from designated areas. In this case, SHOWTECH will install overhead water hoses to transport the water to your booth.

What does CFM mean and where do I find the CFM rating?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is the amount of air which passes through the air line. The CFM rating indicates the amount of air required to operate your machinery. You can locate the CFM rating on the machine’s specification sheet or on the machine itself.

Sign & Banner Hanging

Can I set up my booth while I wait for my sign to be hung?

It is preferred that we hang your sign before you set up your booth because we may need to drive a scissor lift or manlift in your booth. ​ Please check in at the Service Desk to co-ordinate the sign hanging service.

Does SHOWTECH create signage?

No, SHOWTECH hangs exhibitor signs from the ceiling.

How much does it cost to hang a sign in my booth?

Pricing is dependent on ceiling height, dimensions of sign, weight of sign, number of signs, and number of drops. ​ Please complete the sign/banner quote form and email it to​ or fax it to the site office.

Does SHOWTECH assemble exhibitor signs during move-in?

No. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to assemble the sign.

Do I ship my sign to you in advance of move-in?

No. The sign should be shipped with your booth. ​ During move-in, unpack your crates. When you are ready for the sign to be hung, check in at the SHOWTECH Service Desk. The Event Specialist will dispatch a technician.

Do you hang signs or banners from the ceiling?

Yes - If the Show Organizers permit signs or banners to be hung in their event. In your exhibitor manual there will be a SHOWTECH Sign/Banner Order Form. Fill in this form and return to us. We will send you a quotation. If you have any questions concerning the form please contact our site office. ​ The phone number is on the order form.


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