1. The Centre and/or its agents reserve the right to inspect any and all equipment and materials which an exhibitor may wish to have connected to the Centre’s power sources and/or may wish to use while in the building.

2. Only an authorized SHOWTECH tradesperson is permitted to make a connection to any of the Centre’s electrical or mechanical sources.

3. No electrical/mechanical equipment shall be restarted after failure until a SHOWTECH tradesperson has found and corrected the cause of the malfunction.

4. All material and equipment supplied by SHOWTECH shall remain the property of the Company. ​ The exhibitor shall be held responsible for loss of such materials as are associated with his/her booth, and shall compensate SHOWTECH in the event of loss or damage.

5. Customer Account information will not be disclosed to third parties.


6. Order forms must be received with full payment by the Advanced Price deadline date to qualify for the Advanced Price.

7. SHOWTECH conducts an installation audit of power supplied to all exhibits. ​ Exhibitors using power not ordered on our order form will be required to pay On Site Pricing for electrical service to continue. ​ Exhibitors exceeding power consumption ordered will be required to pay for additional consumption. ​ Power may be disconnected pending receipt of full payment. ​ A reconnection fee of $40.00 will be required.

8. Failure to provide all the necessary information requested on our order forms may result in a delay of service installation.

9. Out of country payments may be made by credit card, money order or bank transfer (there is an additional charge for this service).

10. Orders that do not include payment will be regarded as incomplete and will not be processed. ​ Purchase orders are not considered payment.

11. On site orders MUST be paid by valid credit card or cash. ​ Cheques will only be accepted if accompanied by a valid credit card number and signature.

12. Additional and/or special electrical/mechanical services are available on request and shall be supplied at an hourly rate charged for labour plus the cost of material used. ​ Rates quoted by SHOWTECH are in Canadian funds and include installation, service while in use, and removal.


a. If services have already been provided at the time of cancellation, original charges will apply.

b. No refunds on unused outlets or lights installed as ordered.

c. Refunds will not be considered unless the Exhibitor has notified a SHOWTECH representative of any problem with our service or product on site prior to show close.

d. No refund on services that require advance planning i.e. special electrical circuits, transformers, special lighting and non-electrical items.

e. Full refund will be issued on items listed from our order forms if we receive a cancellation notice in writing on or before the Advanced Price deadline date.

f. ​ A 50% refund will be issued on listed items from our order forms if we receive a cancellation notice in writing after the Advanced Price deadline date.

14. Third Party Order (Exhibitor Appointed Contractors). ​ It is understood and agreed that the exhibiting firm is ultimately responsible for payment of services. ​ In the event that the named third party E.A.C. does not pay amount owing by the move-in time, charges will revert to the exhibiting company.


15. In-line and peninsula outlets are installed at the back of booth. ​ If you require outlets elsewhere, extension cords will be available at SHOWTECH’S service area for a nominal charge. ​ There will be a surcharge for outlets/feeders fed under carpets (see Electrical & Lighting Order Form).

16. Island booth outlets will be placed in one main location per exhibitor’s floor plan. ​ If a plan is not provided, the outlets will be installed at our discretion.

17. All electrical power is turned off approximately 1 hour after show closes and turned on approximately 1 hour prior to show opening. ​ If you require power on a 24-hour basis, please indicate this requirement in the space provided on the Electrical & Lighting Order Form.

18. Wall, column and permanent building receptacles are not part of the booth space. ​ Exhibitors utilizing these receptacles will be charged for their use.

19. Sharing power from an adjoining booth is not permitted.

20. All electrical connections, installation, motor connections or any electrical operating equipment must conform to all Canadian Standards Association requirements and the Canadian Electrical Code. ​ The use of two wire ungrounded extension cords are prohibited. ​ Extension cords must be 3-wire grounded cords, minimum of #14 gauge wire.

21. All electrical equipment must have a nameplate attached showing the operating voltage, phase, hertz, ampere/wattage/horsepower/kilowatts and full load current and CSA or Electrical Safety Authority approval sticker.

22. SHOWTECH is not responsible for damages or expenses incurred due to power surges, spikes or loss of power. ​ Exhibitors are encouraged to supply their own surge protection equipment.

23. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI) must protect all 120 volt electrical equipment and devices within 6 feet of a water/liquid source. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to supply their own GFI.


It is a requirement of the Electrical Safety Code that any equipment being displayed, offered for sale or used in any show, convention, or similar exhibition MUST BE APPROVED by ESA. ​ Without this approval, SHOWTECH cannot provide electrical services. ​ For further information, contact the Electrical Safety Authority at www.esasafe.com, click on “Electrical Products”, then “Product Safety Regulation" or call 877.372.7233.


24. All mechanical equipment shall have a nameplate attached thereto showing approval by the applicable Provincial Authority.

25. All installations and connections to be made to the Centre’s sources of natural gas, compressed air, water and all connections to drains, must be made by an authorized SHOWTECH tradesperson.

26. Mechanical services are only turned on during Show Hours.

27. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that all pollutants, hazardous wastes, contaminated water etc. is disposed of by a Government Licensed firm for the appropriate waste product.

DIVISION OF GES Canada Limited
ECRA/ESA LIC 7000267