SHOWTECH has organized its service offering into several major strategic areas, each providing a specific skill set. Our long-term focus is to provide our clients across Canada with continuity of service.


SHOWTECH has pioneered and implemented the industry standards for electrical operating procedures. We continue to review our processes and constantly strive to be the most innovative company in our industry.

The goal is always to provide worry-free services and solutions for our clients.


SHOWTECH offers a variety of display and specialty lighting options. Most of the options available for display lighting were developed by our own staff working with our lighting partners. These innovative LED fixtures were designed specifically with the feedback our customers provided.

Is stage lighting what you require for your event? Our Production Team would be more than happy to assist you with your specialty lighting needs.


For over 70 years, SHOWTECH has been providing mechanical services and support in our market sector. ​ We offer certified and licensed plumbers to complete the work required to service the changing needs of our customers.

As an industry leader, SHOWTECH provides a complete range of on-site Mechanical Services. From compressed air lines to natural gas connections. From one-time fill & drain services to full-scale sprinkler systems. Our team of licensed and highly trained plumbers have the know-how & the experience to complete the work required.

Hot and Cold Water Systems

Fill and drain containers up to 1000 gallons total, 5000 gallons total, 5000 gallons and over

1/2" Valved cold water connection

Compressed Air Systems

0 to 4 / 5 to 10 / 11 to 20 / 21 to 38 cu. ft per minute

Drainage Systems

Gravity drain connection

Pumped drain connection

Natural Gas Systems

1/2" Natural Gas Connection

Sprinkler Systems

High and Low Pressure Gas


Our SHOWTECH rigging experts and staff deliver the most reliable and efficient sign and banner hanging solution for your exhibit.

Need to budget the cost for hanging a sign? Find out how now.


Whether your event is located in a small event facility, in a hotel or resort or even outdoors, SHOWTECH has the resources and ability to provide you with solutions to make your event a memorable one. Some of the services we offer:

Temporary electrical services
General tent lighting
Specialty lighting
Electrical services for food preparation


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